The picturesque peninsula of Halkidiki is famous for its interesting archaeological sites. One such site is the archaeological site of Olynthos. Olynthos was, according to mythology, the son of Strymonas, King of Thrace, who was killed during a lion hunting. The town of Olynthos is said to have been constructed by Vraggas, the brother of Olynthos, in his memory and honor.

Dating back to the 7th century, Olynthos was originally inhabited by the Macedonians. This site is quite interesting due to its placement on two rounded hills. Olynthos was attacked by the Persians in 479 B.C, who slaughtered all its inhabitants and the town eventually declined only to rise again after 45 years, when it was declared as the capital of Halkidiki. This phase did not last long because King Philip II of Macedonia had the entire town razed to the ground, at around 348 B.C. Olynthos never recovered from this disaster and remained quite forgotten for the remaining period of history.

Major excavations were conducted between 1928, 1931, 1934 and 1938 by an American delegation led by Professor David M. Robinson. The remains of this ancient city that have been successfully excavated include visible structures, which indicate the hippodamean town planning system. There were also found mosaic floors, which are a real treat to watch as they are some of the oldest known mosaic floors in Greece.

Most of the artifacts retrieved from this site are displayed at the local museum in Olynthos village and the collection results very interesting. The Olynthos Museum even has an audio-video display, which gives visitors a complete tour of the archaeological site of Ancient Olynthos. Located only 5 kilometers from the highway, this site is only accessible via private transport like cars or taxis, as there is no public transport mean, like buses, that go to this site. The site lies to the north east of Olynthos village and it will not disappoint history enthusiasts.




Petralona cave is world famous for the fossilized Archanthrope.

Mount Athos

Αgion Oros is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The lush green landscape provides lovely walking paths.


Stagira is the birthplace of the philosopher Aristotle.

Ormos Panagias

One of the most picturesque areas of Halkidiki with a lovely port.


The symbol of Ouranoupolis is the Byzantine tower of Prosforio.


Neos Marmaras is one of the most cosmopolitan villages in Halkidiki.


Nikiti combines dense pine trees with amazing beaches.


The Historical and Folklore Museum of Arnea in Halkidiki is located in the centre of the town.


A small seaside village with beautiful paved alleys.


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